The following is a general list of prices that we charge. For most work, we will supply a set price or a written quotation.



Evenings (after 6:00pm)    & Weekend

*All prices are subject to VAT

£40.00  for the callout including the first hour, then £28.00 per hour after that.

£60.00  for the callout including the first hour, then £40.00 per hour after that.

Appliance Servicing

Gas Appliances

Additional Appliances

Oil Appliances

*All prices are subject to VAT

£45.00  for the main gas appliance, including certificate.

£15.00  per additional appliance in the same property (such as a gas fire).

£65.00  including certificate.

Heating Installations

Subject to a free Site survey and a written quotation.

These prices are for a standard boiler change, additional costs may occure for upgrading pipework, new controls etc. this will all be included in the written quotation.

Standard boiler

Combination boiler

*All prices are subject to VAT

From  £1100.00

From  £1200.00

Power Flush

We can carry out a powerflush to a standard sized property for £300.00 plus vat. This is subject to a pre-flush inspection. The flush will include adding inhibitor to the system when complete.